Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Two Bridges Facility Flooded Cleanup Needed

The Before Photo of this dockside facility in the Two Bridges area of NYC had been covered in dirty, contaminated groundwater from a sudden storm. The vinyl res... READ MORE

Lower East Side Warehouse Fire Loss

The warehouse and fabricating plant in this Lower East Side area suffered a small, petroleum-based fire from stored solvents. Schedules need to be met, so the p... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Lower East Side

The crew to call after a water damage event occurs in your Lower East Side property is SERVPRO! Our specialists will respond quickly to your disaster. When we a... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In East Village

Call us right after a water damage incident has damaged your East Village commercial property. Our water damage experts are ready 24/7 to assist you with your e... READ MORE

Downtown Lower East Side Frozen Ice

The cold front lingered over the southern part of Manhattan Island in the Lower East Side and made the workers and residents of the area uncomfortable. The rain... READ MORE

Document Recovery Services New York City

After a water damage or a fire and water damage in a commercial office building, there will inevitably be damaged documents and computer equipment. But all may ... READ MORE